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A Great Omi Tribute: The Circus Tale of Horace Ridler Ivory LS Edition


I figured I'd have some fun now that im feeling a little more settled into my new studio, so here's a tribute to one of my favorite freak show classics. Horace Ridler's transformation into the "Great Omi" has always been a special tattooist tale for me. Rumor has it he sat for over 150 hours getting tattooed head to toe in patterned stripes that eventually dibbed him the name "zebra man" in his circus career. Back print shows an image of the turn of the century tattooer George Burchett who worked on tattooing Omi throughout his entire career. Anywho, there will be more random bootlegs/concepts that I love and have been exploring releasing now that I'm dialed in and feeling at home again. As always, thank you all for the support!! Let ur fReAk flag fly!

Limited to 50
Printed by hand in NYC on Ivory/Comfort Colors 6oz cotton blend tees
Size listed in US inches on last slide
Each garment is unique and made one by one, please allow 2-4 weeks for your order to ship
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